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The team at The Designer Realty School consists of Licensed Brokers, Salespersons, Instructors, Tutors and staff who all have exceptional experience related to the real estate industry.  See real estate through different sets of eyes and thoughts.  With a variety of backgrounds enjoy our melting pot of real life expertise you can learn from and relate to.  Get to know us, how and where we are licensed, what our business and interests include and what we do to help you grow.

E Patrice Hayes​

Licensed Broker/Owner

New York | Connecticut | New Jersey

Jennifer V-E Johnson​

Licensed Broker/Owner

Virginia | D.C. | Maryland

Elianna Samuels​

Licensed Salesperson 


Our Students Have Something To Say

Shane New Jersey

It was very helpful going back through a variety of topics so I could get an understanding of all the information pertaining to the exam. When going through the multiple choices, being able to explain the other options even when they were not the right answer helped me identify why they were not.

Kelly New Jersey

The explanation of certain topics were executed in a way that helped me understand material better. I felt that the questions that were given really helped since they were similar to the types of questions asked on the exam.

Morgan New Jersey

Very helpful in explaining, in detail, certain areas that I have struggled with. Also, helped simplifying some of the math questions to better understand what to focus on.

Jim California

E Patrice really helped me understand what I needed. She was very patient and clear in her explanations.

Natalia California

She's extremely knowledgeable and has great technique for memorizing material.

Brenda Georgia

Patrice, is very patient and polite I really enjoyed her style of teaching.

Annabelle Michigan

So sweet! and will be looking forward to my next session with her!

Daniel New York

Great tutor! She understood how to teach at my level.

black man, african-american, hands up-3564985.jpg
Eric Ohio

She was great!

portrait, fashion, model-4738118.jpg
Mike New York

Took her time with me which I liked.. didn't feel rushed to learn terms.

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If you have a passion for all things real estate and experience in the business that others can learn from, why not share it?  Find out how you can help others through The Designer Realty School!

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