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The team at The Designer Realty School consists of Licensed Brokers, Salespersons, Instructors, Tutors and staff who all have exceptional experience related to the real estate industry.  See real estate through different sets of eyes and thoughts.  With a variety of backgrounds enjoy our melting pot of real life expertise you can learn from and relate to.  Get to know us, how and where we are licensed, what our business and interests include and what we do to help you grow.

Dr. Rhonda Anderson​

Licensed Salesperson 


Joe Azzolino​

Licensed Associate Broker


John "Jack" Fisk​

Licensed Broker Salesperson 

New Jersey

E Patrice Hayes​

Licensed Broker/Owner

New York | Connecticut | New Jersey

Jennifer V-E Johnson​

Licensed Broker/Owner

Virginia | D.C. | Maryland

Elianna Samuels​

Licensed Salesperson 


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If you have a passion for all things real estate and experience in the business that others can learn from, why not share it?  Find out how you can help others through The Designer Realty School!