Policies And Procedures

NOTICE TO STUDENTS: The Designer Realty School (The School) is licensed and authorized by the New Jersey Real Estate Commission (NJREC) to conduct salesperson and continuing education courses open to the general public.  If you have any questions regarding registration requirements, course content, school policies and procedures, please contact The School administrative staff for assistance prior to registration.  If any state laws are being violated, issues/emergencies arise regarding a class session, you agree to immediately contact the School Director or its administrative staff.

Please note that attending The School will not obligate you to become employed with any affiliated Real Estate Broker, nor guarantee you an interview, sponsorship or affiliation with any Real Estate Broker, nor use any services/products from any affiliated vendors or guest visitors.  A signed certification that a student received a copy of the School Policies and Procedures will be retained by the Provider.  The School may change Policies at any time.

NON-DISCRIMINATION POLICY: The School does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, sex, religion, national origin, handicap, or familial status in the establishment of fees, registration qualifications or standard requirements for successful completion of any course.  Any individual who has a physical or mental impairment or limitation described as a disability under the Americans with Disabilities Act, and requires any special accommodation, must contact the school before enrolling. Certain accommodations require the New Jersey Real Estate Commission’s advance approval and may not be available for The School classes.

ENROLLMENT POLICY: Students must read the criminal history disqualifying screening questions provided by NJREC thoroughly and if they may not be eligible for licensure after reading the screening questions you should not register for the Pre-Licensing Course.  Course schedules are published separately from School Policies & Procedures, and posted on The School website. The School reserves the right to change the schedule to accommodate the number of students. Please review all course dates prior to enrollment and start of each class session. Student fully understands that there is no circumstance that would allow the NJREC to make an exception on the one year time limit to obtain a license.  For current information regarding state licensing requirements, fees, eligibility and laws students are responsible for confirming prior to enrolling (www.state.nj.us/dobi/index.html).


Carefully read all screening questions before enrolling for courses or responding to the state exam questions and on all applications. Incorrect responses may delay your application. Any license issued based on false information provided is revocable (see N.J. S.A. 45:15-17A).


1. With the exception of motor vehicle, have you EVER been convicted of a crime, misdemeanor, or disorderly person offense in the state of New Jersey, and other state or by the Federal Government, or are you presently on probation or parole?


2. Is there a criminal complaint, disorderly person charge, a criminal accusation or criminal information presently pending against you or are you presently under indictment in New Jersey, any other state or by the Federal Government, or are you presently enrolled in New Jersey’s pre-trial intervention (PTI) program or any similar state or federal program involving the deferral of the disposition or sentencing in a criminal matter?


3. Have you ever had a real estate or other professional license, certification or similar credential revoked, suspended, surrendered in lieu of formal prosecution, or denied in New Jersey or any other state?


4. Do you have a child support obligation on which there is an arrearage due that equals or exceeds the amount of child support payable for six months or are you the subject of a child support related warrant?


5. Are you under the age of 18 at the time of taking this examination?


6. Do you now hold, or have you ever held, any license issued by the NJREC?


7. Are you a high school graduate or the holder of a G.E.D.?


8. Do you currently hold a real estate license issued by another state?


If you have questions regarding a prior conviction or other charges, please contact the investigation unit of the NJREC at 609-292-8300 extension 50147.



COURSE TUITION PAYMENT/REFUND POLICY: All students must read and agree to our Tuition Policy as written below upon enrollment. You must refer to the state website for requirements prior to purchasing any licensing or continuing education credit courses to ensure you are in compliance for licensing and renewal procedures for that particular state.

Online: All online, on demand, self study courses, books Powered by RECampus or The CE Shop are available for immediate download and are non-refundable. 

In Person

Salesperson Pre-Licensing Course:

Every student that has paid in full seven calendar days before the first session of class will be guaranteed a class seat. Included in the Salesperson Pre-Licensing tuition is a $100 non-refundable registration fee.  Students may request a refund in writing up to seven calendar days prior to the start of the class for the refundable portion of the tuition.

You may transfer to another start date free of charge one time upon written approval by The School administrative staff with written request up to seven calendar days prior to the class start date you originally enrolled in.  If space is available and the transfer is approved, you will receive written confirmation from The School. Your new start date must be within three months of your original start date. If your written request is not received seven calendar days prior to class start date, we will allow you to transfer to another course within three months of your original start date for a $50 transfer fee, subject to discretion of The School and available seating in that course. There is no fee for a final exam taken with your original class or for one “Re-take”.


Continuing Education Courses:

Tuition is due seven calendar days before the start of class. However, on certain courses and Special Offers students may be required to register fourteen calendar days before the start of class to allow The School additional time for special arrangements or to accommodate increased student volume.

All Courses:

Registrations may be limited and are accepted on a first-paid, first-confirmed basis. Upon receipt of your complete registration and full payment you will receive an email confirming your enrollment in the course. Confirmation emails are sent out within two business days of receipt of registration and full payment (not including weekends, holidays, inclement weather or state of emergency or closures). Until you have received a confirmation email, you are not enrolled in a course. Tuition is not transferable to another person or pro-ratable.

Once a class has started, no refunds will be issued. However, if the school cancels a class without rescheduling, the student will receive a full and prompt refund. The School accepts the following forms of payment: Cash, check, VISA, MasterCard, American Express, Discover card.  There is a $50 fee for any un-cleared checks, declined cards, or other unsuccessful payment processing, plus any fees incurred during the collection process. Should this occur, the full balance plus fees incurred are due immediately before student may attend any offered class.  The School reserves the right not to enroll students.


FINANCIAL AID: Financial aid is not available for courses offered by The School.


ATTENDANCE POLICY: The NJREC mandates strict class attendance requirements for all students. Specifically, any student missing more than 20% of the class hours (ex. 15 hours for the 75 hour salesperson pre-licensing course) CANNOT receive credit for class completion, regardless of their reason, course progress or test performance. To comply with this requirement, The School MUST maintain strict rules of attendance and punctuality. Late arrivals, early departures, extended breaks and absences from the class, for whatever reason, will be noted in the attendance records and counted towards the 20% maximum allowable missed time. School policy is to record absences and late arrivals in 15 minute increments.


Students must attend consecutive classes in the enrolled program. A student may be allowed to attend class session hours in another class of like subject matter with prior written approval by The School to count their attendance for at least 80% of the hours required for the course.  Make-up classes are subject to availability, and the discretion of The School. No partial credit will be counted for any missed portion of a session.  Courses at The School are open to confirmed enrolled students only. Attendees may not bring guests, visitors or pets without prior written approval from The School.


SCHOOL CLOSURE: In the event of inclement weather, local/national emergency, or other unforeseen occurrence, The School closure, delayed opening, cancelled/rescheduled sessions will be updated on the website or via email. All students must confirm their correct email address during enrollment for emergency purposes.

STUDENT BEHAVIOR / DISCIPLINARY POLICIES: When taking our courses, students are expected to comply with all policies including but not limited to those within this notice, such as the Non-Discrimination policy and any location/venue policies. Failure to adhere to these policies may invalidate student eligibility for course credit or attendance.

Sleeping, sending personal emails/texts, shopping online, visiting social media/networking sites, watching movies/videos, working or playing games are considered to be disruptions and are not acceptable student conduct or attendance time.  Excessive talking during class, inappropriate conversations, or recruiting are not welcomed.  If an instructor discovers that a student is using an electronic device for these (or similar) purposes, the student may be removed from the class with the absence deducted from attendance time. Sound on electronic devices must be muted during class sessions. Instructors, at their discretion, may designate times during which students may and may not use their electronic devices during class sessions. If an instructor has directed students to discontinue use of electronic devices, all students must put away their devices immediately. If a student does not follow an instructor’s direction to discontinue use, the student may be removed from the class with the absence deducted from attendance time.  

Students discovered cheating in any form on any test/exam, will immediately be dismissed, receive a failing course grade, will not be eligible for any retake or makeup policies, and shall be reported to the NJREC.  The School reserves the right to discontinue students’ access to the course, entrance to the teaching facility and dismiss without recourse or refund for behavior that, in the sole judgment of instructor or staff, reflects negatively on The School.

SMOKING POLICY: Please note that THE SCHOOL locations are smoke-free facilities.

WHAT TO BRING: Students should bring with them to class a notebook, writing instrument, basic calculator and highlighter. All pre-licensing, and continuing education credit courses will require the student to have a computer/laptop with a camera and a microphone for online sessions.

TECHNOLOGY POLICY: The School is not responsible for damaged, lost or stolen electronic devices. The School DOES NOT provide wireless Internet access.  If wireless Internet access is provided, The School is not responsible for disruptions or problems with the service.  The following guidelines for devices will be enforced to minimize distraction from the learning environment: Students may use electronic devices only to enhance their learning, including taking notes, researching class topics, or viewing the on-line version of course materials. Possession and use of electronic devices (other than a basic calculator) are strictly prohibited during all quizzes and exams.  Cell/Smart phones and watches must be turned “OFF” for class.  For online courses all chat conversations are recorded are not a platform for student social interaction. Excessive, inappropriate or disruptive online conversations are prohibited and students may be dismissed for such actions. Recording of classes by students or distribution of course materials or content is not permitted.  Courses, students and guests may be recorded by The School at any time without notice.


CERTIFICATE OF COURSE COMPLETION: To obtain a Certificate, all students must receive a passing grade on the final exam and attend at least 80% of the class session hours required for the course. A student may take the final examination up to three times for a passing grade. You have 6 months from your start date to pass the school exam, otherwise you will need to repeat the course.  In the event the course completion certificate is lost, a duplicate may be obtained by written request within one year of course completion.


You will not be eligible for the state exam until the minimum classroom hours are complete, you pass the school exam and receive your completion certificate. Do not register for the state exam until you have received your completion certificate from The School.


RECORD RETENTION: Records are maintained by The School and are available for a period of at least five (5) years.

PRIVACY POLICY: Your privacy is important to us. It is our policy not to share your information with 3rd party vendors. Your information will solely be used for the purpose of your real estate education and preparation for your licensing exam.

School Policies And Procedures As Of November 2023

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