Complete Your Pre-licensing Education from the Comfort of Your Home

This online, on demand self study course, blends comprehensive reading assignments with interactive scenarios and exam banks that will prepare you to ace your licensing exam. This unique self study offering provides a breadth of information—including New Jersey rules and regulations, agency, financing, appraisal, and real estate mathematics—and an exam-focused design. Study at your own pace with a trusted source designed to kick off your New Jersey real estate career.

Key Benefits:
• Satisfies the mandated topics for New Jersey real estate salesperson licensing requirements
• Includes more than 2,000 questions to test your retention of the materials and readiness for the exam
• Includes interactive reviews and scenario exercises
• Contains new versions of different forms and publications, including the New Jersey Real Estate License Act Statute and Rules

About The Course

  • OnDemand Self Paced course to study on your own schedule
  • Study materials needed: Newly released 17th Edition textbook or E-book (download link sent) to be purchased separately
  • Online portal to access e-book, course materials and sample questions
  • Study on the go, anytime from your device via your online student portal
  • Quizzes after each chapter, preparing you for the final exam
  • Must complete course within 6 months of purchase.

Topics Covered

Please note you can purchase either an e-book or textbook version to go along with your study.  You can download the eBook immediately to multiple devices, highlight, take notes and study on the go.  You can also purchase a textbook separately, arrives in 7-10 business days.

Licensing Requirements & FAQs

To become a licensed real estate salesperson you must meet the state’s minimum requirements.  Each state has it’s own criteria yet are generally the same basics including: 

  • Being 18 years of age
  • Having a high school diploma (or equivalent)
  • Completing a pre-license course at a state approved school (ex NJ = 75 hrs, NY = 77 hrs, CT = 60 hrs)
  • Passing the state license examination
  • Considered to be of good and moral character (criminal background check)
  • Affiliation with a sponsoring broker to supervise your real estate activity

For more information about the requirements to become licensed in New Jersey including applications, fees and the Qualifying Questionnaire, visit the DOBI site.


NJ Licensing Application

Our Students Have Something To Say

Shane New Jersey

It was very helpful going back through a variety of topics so I could get an understanding of all the information pertaining to the exam. When going through the multiple choices, being able to explain the other options even when they were not the right answer helped me identify why they were not.

Kelly New Jersey

The explanation of certain topics were executed in a way that helped me understand material better. I felt that the questions that were given really helped since they were similar to the types of questions asked on the exam.

Morgan New Jersey

Very helpful in explaining, in detail, certain areas that I have struggled with. Also, helped simplifying some of the math questions to better understand what to focus on.

Jim California

E Patrice really helped me understand what I needed. She was very patient and clear in her explanations.

Natalia California

She's extremely knowledgeable and has great technique for memorizing material.

Brenda Georgia

Patrice, is very patient and polite I really enjoyed her style of teaching.

Annabelle Michigan

So sweet! and will be looking forward to my next session with her!

Daniel New York

Great tutor! She understood how to teach at my level.

black man, african-american, hands up-3564985.jpg
Eric Ohio

She was great!

portrait, fashion, model-4738118.jpg
Mike New York

Took her time with me which I liked.. didn't feel rushed to learn terms.

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