Not Just Surface™

No matter what you see there is more beneath the much more.
Learn through our programs how to see the potential in people and property, while gaining an understanding of all sides in a transaction.

Training & Workshops


It's time to sell your home and that requires important steps for a smooth sale with the best price and terms possible. For Sellers our program covers:

  • preparing the home for marketing
  • deciding on the best listing price
  • hiring real estate professionals
  • selecting the best buyers and offers
  • current market and property condition
  • your motivation and costs for selling
  • Fair Housing laws and guidelines
  • behind the scenes of the sales process


With so many options, you need guidance on financing and what to look for in a home, beyond first impressions. For Buyers our program covers:

  • highest pre-approval amounts
  • choosing the best neighborhoods
  • hiring real estate professionals
  • viewing homes and submitting offers
  • your motivation for buying
  • budget vs criteria
  • current market and expectations
  • behind the scenes of the process


It's time to rent your property and that requires crucial steps to maximize your return on investment. For Landlords our program covers:

  • preparing for occupancy
  • deciding on the best rental price
  • hiring property professionals
  • NOI and cap rate goals
  • current market vs available amenities
  • long term vs short term
  • Fair Housing laws and guidelines
  • ethically reviewing tenant applications


Acquiring a property requires multi-level research to be in the best position when looking into a potential deal. For Investors our program covers:

  • lowest price for asset acquisition
  • best terms for hiring contractors
  • quickest turnover timeframes
  • getting the highest return on investment
  • current inventory demands
  • long term vs short term
  • location proximity and other factors
  • zoning and building code compliance


Whether newly licensed or experienced, the foundation for success in your next career stage is important. For Agents our program covers:

  • Finding the perfect clients
  • Choosing the best brokerage
  • Selecting your service area
  • Completing a business plan
  • Understanding your personal needs and strengths
  • Selecting a support system of vendors and colleagues
  • Identifying income needs and overhead
  • Establishing schedules, systems and standards
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